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Looney Tunes Episodes

Looney tunes episodes show scenes from the vivified arrangement, which debuted on May 3, 2011. The second season started October 2, 2012, and following a year long break, the arrangement finished August 31, 2014 on Cartoon Network.
"Best friends"
Draffy chooses the twosome can make a fast buck by going on the diversion demonstrate Beasties , where closest companions answer inquiries concerning each other. Nonetheless, Duffy’s absence of information of anything about Bugs puts an obstacle in their kinship. To make it up to Bugs, Day makes a special effort to buy tickets himself for a journey transport utilizing Bugs' charge card, and showers his companion with attention ... sometimes with strange strategies. At long last, Bugs surrenders that he enjoys their fellowship the way it is.

"Members only"
Looney Tunes Episodes Bugs meets Lola and the two go out on the town, yet while Bugs discovers Lola all the more irritating, Lola turns out to be more charmed by Bugs ; Bugs even discloses today Daffy that he supposes Lola is crazy. He endeavors to part ways with her, however she botches his endeavor as a proposition to be engaged. Unfit to talk detect into Lola, Bugs chooses to utilize the pledges to say a final farewell to her ; be that as it may, Lola say a final farewell to him to be with the wedding organizer, Peep Le Pew. Visitor Star : John Hurley as Walter Bunny

"Fish and Visitors"
Looney tunes episodes yosemite Sam thinks of an arrangement to take his home off the network by adding sunlight based power boards to lessen his power bills. Be that as it may, when the blustery season upsets his arrangement, he begins relying upon Bugs and Draffy vigorously and in the end turns out to be excessively of a weight for them to deal with, provoking them to dispose of him. After an endeavor to alarm him out outcomes in enormous harm, Bugs snaps and voices all his subdued outrage ; the sun returns out, bringing about Sam backpedaling home. In any case, the minute Bugs feels pardoning, rain returns (likely karma's method for showing him a lesson) ; he hammers the entryway close to keep Sam from returning.