Oddbods Games Online

Oddbods Games Online air pockets (The yellow one) (Chio Su Ping) - The Odd-Inventor, Bubbles loves to find stuff. From creepy crawlies under the earth to UFOs well beyond. Like a percolating test going to go kaboom, she is a bundle of unlimited vitality, dependably on the chase for the following huge achievement Wire (the red one) (Marlon Dance – Hooi) - Fiery Fuse can go from ultra quiet to uncontrollably irate speedier than a truck in top speed. A games enthusiast whose dependably up for a game...so long as he wins. His companions love him in light of the fact that underneath that red hot outside he shows some kindness of gold. In any case, attempt their best to dodge him when he is in a terrible state of mind.

Jeff (the purple one) (Jeremy Linn) - Unashamedly careful, Jeff can make arrange in everything. He has an eye for recognizing the most minor clean molecule and a far and away superior eye for good workmanship. His companions love his scrupulousness (he'll always remember your birthday) yet wish he was more unconstrained Oddbode games online newt (the pink one) (Nadia Ramlee) – Newt has a sweet tooth and a soft spot for confection. Perhaps that is the reason she is generally so sweet to everybody around her...most of the time. A curious girly. She's the extrovert with an energy for taking selfies. Her companions love her sweet nature however know to be careful her beautiful eyes when she's endeavoring to get her own specific manner!

Oddbode games online zee (the green one) (Jeremy Linn) – Zee isn't a morning individual. Or then again an evening, night or night individual either. He can eat while snoozing. Or on the other hand rest while eating. Be that as it may, the vast majority of all, Zee is astounding at doing nothing by any means. His laidback state of mind towards everything is the two his quality and his shortcoming with regards to fellowship. Interactive In January 2017, One Animation propelled another look site committed to the Oddbods as a place where devotees of the show (grown-ups and youngsters alike) can cooperate with the brand. The site has 7 recreations with leaderboards enabling players to play their way to the top.[12] Other highlights incorporate recordings, client created content, in store area, shop now segment, intelligent foundation pages on each of the characters finish with exchanging card-style character rundown and related videos.[12] There is additionally an intuitive gatherer publication which enables fans to see the scene their collectible doll was enlivened by.