The Cat Concerto Tom And Jerry

The Cat Concerto tom and jerry is the 29th animated cartoon in the 1947 american one twirl animated cartoon,released to threaters on april 26,1947.It was composed by Fred Quimby and directed by William Hana and Joseph Babera,with musical instruction by Scott Bradley,and esprit by Kenneth Muse.Additional animation by Ed Barge and Richard Bickenbach. Following its absolution,it was met with critical acknowledgment,and is studious one of the best tom and jerry cartoons ever.It was won academy award for best short cartoon in 1946.It was voted #42 of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time by members of the animation feild in 1994.Fourth consecutive academy award won for best animated short film. Reception

Critical feedback:
The Cat Concerto tom and jerry declared to be the best film of 1947,above old man out and brief encounter,conception and animation i think that short reaches the highest level of humor. Controversy In 1947 MGM produced The Cat Concerto,Warner Bros.Released a very similar bugs cartoon called Raphsody Rabbit,direct by Friz Freleng,with bugs against an unnamed mouse.Both shorts used near exact crack,the same by Franz,and had similar ending.Both MGM and Warner,indicted each other of plagiarism,after films were submitted for the 1947 acadmey award ceremony.Technicolor was indicted of sending a print of either cartoon to the clash studio,who then supposedly paraphrase thier equal work.

All of the episodes both tom and jerry are droopy,use the same feed,mostly develop new of the series,but consisting of few largely incorporate tune,either with minor variation or played at different pitches.Tthe orignal series and the third series by Chuck Jones would have favorable ending for tom sometimes,this series follow the second series. Tom and jerry comedy show one of the most funniest tv serial,an american series of short film created in 1940.It centers on a fight between its two little characters.Tom and Jerry based around slapsticks comedy. Hanna and Barbera produced 115 Tom and Jerry shorts for metro mayer from 1940 to 1958.During this time they won seven academy awards for animated short films.After the MGM cartoon studio closed in 1957.Many serials are available on computer network.A number of movements off have been made,including the televesion series Tom and Jerry show 1975.The first length film based on the series Tom and Jerry.He is usually but not always,portrayed as living a comfortable,or even pampered life.Mouse is the small brown and cat in grey color.Tom shown as a loser and jerry winner.Both character are in silent only background music play.